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Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Reporting Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students

Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting:  06/30/22

Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting:  10/30/20  |  01/10/21

Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting for HEERF III: 01/10/22

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Reporting Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students 01/10/2022

Education Stabilization Fund (ESF)

Delaware Learning Institute of Cosmetology Difference

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Our Dagsboro, DE campus consists of over 13,000 square feet of professional learning space! Knowledgeable and friendly staff members keep all of our class sizes small, so that no student falls behind. With new employment opportunities for both experienced and entry-level personnel in salons, spas, and the medical field there are great opportunities ahead for you in the exciting and rewarding career field of your choice.

The Delaware Learning Institute of Cosmetology is dedicated to providing a well-rounded foundation for students who are committed to learning the art and science of Cosmetology and its related areas of study. In harmony with its missions statement, our school strives to prepare students with the knowledge necessary for licensure and entry level employment.

We have established the following goals:

  • Committed to providing a quality education of the highest degree in all aspects of this challenging, rewarding profession.
  • Constant monitoring and upgrading of the curriculum according to industry standards.
  • Maintain a safe and supportive learning environment in which students as well as staff experience profound growth.

Empowering through Education – Delaware Learning Institute of Cosmetology is about you. Being Delaware’s only Pivot Point Member School, we believe in people and their potential to take a passion for the craft of cosmetology, esthetics, nail technology and elevate them to an art. We are committed to our mission of empowering you—the next generation of beauty professionals—with education that allows you to design the career you want. At the core of our education is teaching you the why behind the how of a beauty education. Pivot Point trained professionals have knowledge beyond the basics that will make them confident and competitive in our industry. Because Pivot Point is about helping you become the artist you are meant to be, we teach you to see, think, create and adapt to any client or situation. We have now integrated technology into the classroom with the use of LAB. Learn About Beauty (LAB) is the only educational system designed for learners and educators in the beauty industry. This online interaction delivers top-notch educational content, social interaction and learning strategies blended with technology. Pivot Point is the most current and comprehensive educational system available.

    • Your training isn’t about one product line or personality, it’s about elevating your skills to the highest level of artistic creativity.
    • We believe in global connection and global beauty. Through our education and study abroad opportunities, you are connected to beauty professionals around the world who are Pivot Point trained and proud.
    • Master educators are trained with our proprietary Mindful Teaching Professional development product, and provide clear, consistent training to make the most of your classroom and hands-on experiences.
  • Our tools and materials are second to none in the beauty industry. That’s why so many schools around the country and the world use Pivot Point education.

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“As a graduate myself, I love hiring students who come from here because I know they will live up to our company standards and our clients standards due to the amazing education and hands on training they received. We love having the best!”

Amanda Miller | Salon Manager

Ultra Beauty – Store 1303


“I absolutely would recommend all of the programs here. The students always seem to enjoy themselves and leave with the information they need to get started in the industry”

Robert Hartman | Graduate

Current Students

“Attending the Delaware Learning Institute of Cosmetology has truly formed me into a better version of myself. I feel as though I can be confident, not only in my work, but in myself. This is all due to the wonderful staff and extraordinary educators here at DLI, who push you to strive for your very best.”

Savannah Edmonds | Current Student

Student Styling Center Guests

“What a ”happy” place! All the students and instructors are cheerful and knowledgeable! They are great stylists in the making. I am so glad I found them!!!!! This will be my go to salon from here on!”

CB Wisniewski | Styling Center Guest


Shore Living Expo Held in Ocean City

OCEAN CITY, Md.- Saturday was WBOC’s Shore Living Expo. We celebrated health, wealth and home living at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City.
The convention center was a packed room as people looked around and purchased their favorite items.
The expo offered something of everything, including home items, clothing, jewelry and live demonstrations.

Ricky West, who showed the audience how to do hair, says it is an important lesson to teach.