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LASH LIFTING – Sunday, June 3, 2018 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Lash Lifting treatments are unlike traditional lash perms of years past. This procedure lifts your clients’ natural lashes at the root and in anupward position, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. To top off the treatment, a black lash tint is applied. This treatment is ideal for those that want a little extra oomph from their lashes, but without all the maintenance of lash extensions, or the daily use of an eyelash curler. Also, it’s amazing for those clients with straight and/or unruly lashes. This class strictly teaches the art of eyelash lifting, eyelash tinting is not covered in the practical portion of the class. 
Class Includes:
  1. Theory which includes contraindications
  2. Demo
  3. Hands on practice (*** 1 Model is required***)
  4. Lash Lift kit, which includes enough material for ten treatments
***All Models should arrive at the facility at 1:00 PM.***

Class Cost: $300 per student



THREADING – June 10th 2018

Delaware Learning Institute of Cosmetology will be hosting a Threading class with certification to those who wish to learn this ancient hair removal technique. The technique specializes in the gold-standard “no string in the mouth technique” used in spas and salons. An additional niche skill can result  in an increased income.

Meeting the growing demand as its popularity continues to grow. Clients are seeking it out nationwide.

Class Includes:
  1. An introduction to facial and eyebrow threading
  2. Instructions on holding and moving the thread
  3. Hands-on training and personalized feedback
  4. Step by step instructions on the two most versatile techniques (hand and mouth) used for facial and eyebrow threading
  5. Step by step instructions on how to do facial and eyebrow threading on yourself
  6. Instructions on creating lines and brow shaping
  7. A final round of hands-on training and personalized feedback.


Class Cost: $350 per student





Eyelash extensions are currently the fastest growing part of the beauty industry and demand is growing at an incredible rate, nation-wide. Due to the eyelash growth cycle, clients have to return on average every 3 weeks for maintenance, creating repeat clientele unlike any other service in the beauty industry. The profit margin on lash services is extremely high. Your income on lash services will far surpass the cost of purchasing product, and investing in the education to become a lash pro.

Next Classes:

All classes are Sunday 9-5 and Monday 6-10
2/25 & 2/26 2018
4/8 & 4/9 2018
6/24 & 6/25 2018
8/26 & 8/27 2018
10/28 & 10/29 2018
12/2 & 12/3 2018



Our two-day, hands-on training courses are designed to certify licensed cosmetologists and estheticians in the art of eyelash extensions. Our Bella Lash Master Educator is certified to fully equip you with the knowledge and products to take your services to a new level. Class sizes are kept smaller to encourage a more intimate setting, which allows one on one time during your training. Bella Lash Training courses cover all aspects to become a successful lash artist including: lash anatomy, health and sanitation guidelines, eyelash application and aftercare practices.


$1250.00 Including Kit, which can lash between 25-30 clients.