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All classes are for licensed professionals, however, it is the students responsibility prior to enrollment in any advanced education classes to check with their state regulation agency or professional board if any and all classes are covered under their scope of practice. All advanced educational classes are non refundable.



All classes on Sundays 9AM – 1PM
Models need to arrive at 11:30
Next Classes: 11/17/2019

NOTE: This class is for industry professionals only!!!

Dermaplaning is the easiest and most effective way to provide professional exfoliation at virtually any location.

It is cost effective with a high return of investment and best yet, you don’t have to carry around a huge kit or a machine!

Dermaplaning thoroughly exfoliates the skin, helps to minimize imperfections, remove fine lines while improving texture (think silky smooth skin) and removes vellus hairs!

Dermaplaning also increases product penetration so your results are instantly visible. You will learn to safely and effectively remove the stratum corneum skin cells using a surgical blade. This requires skill and training to perfect, but this skill can boost your revenue as well as your skincare treatment results! Offer as a signature new treatment or an add on to an existing treatment.

Class size is limited to only 10 Participants

Kit is included. and attendees must be prepared to provide a model. Training materials and an official Deluxe Professional Starter Kit are included with enough supplies for 20 treatments.  This kit has everything that you need to start providing Dermaplaning immediately upon receiving certification.
*Live model needed and must arrive at the school at 11:30am

Class Cost: $350.00 per student




Bella Lash Classic Eyelash Certification Course


Eyelash extensions are currently the fastest growing part of the beauty industry and demand is growing at an incredible rate, nation-wide. Due to the eyelash growth cycle, clients have to return on average every 3 weeks for maintenance, creating repeat clientele unlike any other service in the beauty industry. The profit margin on lash services is extremely high. Your income on lash services will far surpass the cost of purchasing product, and investing in the education to become a lash pro.

Next Classes:

All classes are Sunday 9-5 and Monday 6-10  –  12/2 & 12/3 2018

2019 Lash Extension Dates:

Classes on Sundays 9-5 and Mondays 6-10 2
Models will be needed to work on in class – 1 Model on Sunday at 1:00 – 1 Model on Monday at 6:00 (2 models in class and 3 models on their own)
Students will be required to compete 10 hours of theory online prior to coming to class.

Next Classes:
4/14 & 4/15/19
6/2 & 6/3/2019
8/11 & 8/12/2019
10/20 & 10/21/2019
12/1 & 12/2/2019


Our two-day, hands-on training courses are designed to certify licensed cosmetologists and estheticians in the art of eyelash extensions. Our Bella Lash Master Educator is certified to fully equip you with the knowledge and products to take your services to a new level. Class sizes are kept smaller to encourage a more intimate setting, which allows one on one time during your training. Bella Lash Training courses cover all aspects to become a successful lash artist including: lash anatomy, health and sanitation guidelines, eyelash application and aftercare practices.


$1350.00 Including Kit, which can lash between 25-30 clients. 



Bella Lash Volume Eyelash Certification Course

Volume theory is learned online, providing students with more time to practice application techniques in class. Students then receive hands-on training with our elite educators to develop Bella Lash Volume fan-making methods such as:

  • The Side Slide Method
  • The Bounce Pad Method
  • The Lonely Fan Method
  • The Scrubbing Method

Class on Sundays 9-5 and Mondays 6-10

Next Classes:


2 Models will be needed to work on in class – 1 Model on Sunday at 1:00 – 1 Model on Monday at 6:00 (2 models in class and 3 models on their own)
Students will be required to compete theory online prior to coming to class.

Cost is $1500.00 including The Volume Starter Kit offers an affordable way to begin your eyelash extension career. We have designed this kit to offer the essentials of doing proper eyelash extensions.

Kit includes: -White Flat Case -Lash Pod -Volume Adhesive 5ml -Volume L-Shaped Tweezer -Volume Isolation Tweezer -Volume Curved Tweezer -Lash Primer -10 Lint Free Gel Patches -25 Disposable Mascara Wands -Adhesive Tape Roll -Volume Mix, C-Curl, 0.05, 8-15mm -Volume Mix, C-Curl, 0.07, 8-15mm -Volume Mix, C-Curl, 0.10, 8-15mm




Lash Lifting

2019 Lash Lifting Dates All classes on Sundays 2pm- 6pm
Models need to arrive at 3:30

Next Classes:

Get certified in the a Lash Lifting System.

Learn this procedure that lifts the natural lashes at the root and in an upward position, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. This treatment is ideal for those that want a little extra oomph from their lashes, but without all the maintenance of lash extensions, or the daily use of an eyelash curler. Profit on each treatment could be as much as 90%.  It typically can be done in under an hour. Quick turn over = more money.
*Live model needed and must arrive at the school at 3:30pm

Class Cost: $300.00 per student



Bella Lash Advanced Volume Lash Extensions training coming soon!!